Semple [adj.]: To be humble.

The essence of Semple comes from this word and is reflected in every creation.

In today’s fast paced world submerged with over-consumerism, Semple offers minimal, timeless, quality staples. There are no seasonal collections, just pieces that work all year long.

The brand was created in Paris in 2021 and takes inspiration from the effortless chic style of Parisian women. 

All the pieces are made in Lebanon with a lot of Love. This is an integral part of the Brand's essence. As a Lebanese, the founder Stephanie, is committed to supporting her country, especially during these difficult times and simultaneously, promote the incredible work of its people.

The clothes are made in small family-owned ateliers and the brass buttons are handmade and sewn by seasoned Lebanese craftmen and women.

fun fact: all the beautiful models are friends of the founder - these inspiring women match the approachable and easy going spirit of the brand.